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TYSIM Machinery Start a New Business about Used Excavator Restructuring Rotary Drilling Rig

Currently excavator ownership in China is huge, engineering capacity is insufficient, excavator customers gradually transit to carry out other projects. TYSIM Machinery is the professional enterprise that focuses on manufacturing small rotary drilling rig in the domestic, adapting to the market demand of domestic excavator restructuring and manufacturing. TYSIM Machinery expands the new business of excavator restructuring rotary drilling rig to give customers a new choice. Brand excavator after TYSIM Machinery professionally manufacturing, restructures into rotary drilling rig, and can realize the wide application of civil engineering construction. After restructuring, the 13~22 ton of excavators could drill depth respectively 24m and 40m, maximum drilling diameter 1m and 1.3m, which bring new opportunities and options to the excavator market.


江苏快3查询结果 In the end of June 2015, JiangSu TYSIM Machinery restructuring KR80A rotary drilling rig off the line, transported to Guangzhou, and up to now small rotary drilling rig of TYSIM Machinery is the first time entered the Guangdong civil construction market.

江苏快3查询结果 It is reported that the KR80A rotary drilling rig adopted designated used excavator chassis. Because excavator machines of the brand correspond to different parameters and interfaces, from product design, production and assembly to product testing, all required adaptation. But from customer ordering to the delivery, TYSIM only used two weeks, which fully reflected TYSIM Machinery professional customized design and manufacturing ability.

We know that the customer has a demonstration effect, the customer's construction site in Guangzhou urban village area, which space is cramped, often pressing time limit and have high quality requirements on pile foundation. The customer compared all rotary drilling rig brands, through site visiting and testing machine, the customer ultimately chose to cooperate with TYSIM Machinery, and purchased restructured rotary drilling rig. After delivery, compared with a certain brand which customers owned, small rotary drilling rig of TYSIM Machinery has advantages of more flexible to move and more efficient in the construction and fuel-saving. With KR80A rotary drilling rig delivery in the first time, TYSIM Machinery professional engineers provided the service in time, meticulous service getting customer satisfaction.

With the development of national civil engineering market, we believe that with the value-oriented of ‘creating value for customers, promoting business for enterprise, seeking development for staff’, TYSIM Machinery will support for the upgrading of base foundation of the new urbanization construction market. New excavator restructuring into rotary drilling rig business, adapting to the new direction of construction machinery market, TYSIM Machinery is in the forefront counterparts. 

It is known that TYSIM Machinery actively develop overseas market at the same time, and the main product series is small rotary drilling rig, to create ‘China first-class, international renowned’ piling machinery. Profession comes from devotion and really understanding the market, meeting customer’s demand, and company, which realizes win-win business with customer, could have a long life.    


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