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TYSIM Small Rotary Drilling Rig Appearances Wonderfully in B

On 25 to 28 November, The seventh session of China International Engineering Machinery Equipment Exhibition (Bauma China 2014) held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. TYSIM exhibited KR125A, KR80A a overall transportation rotary drilling rig, KR36 a module of rotary drilling rig (digging for restructuring type rotary drilling rig), KP315, KP500S a hydraulic pile breaker, and KPS37 a pumping station, a total of 6 kinds of mature products, becoming the largest professional manufacturer of rotary drilling rig in this exhibition. In the 4 days of exhibition, the KR series pile engineering machinery of small rotary drilling rig, became the focus of this Bauma China in the piling equipments.

Although the exhibition on the first day of autumn rain, the scene atmosphere didn’t affect, people came to the advisory booth in a continuous line, the foreign businessmen accounting for more than half of the visitors. With the novel design and the excellent performance to price ratio, TYSIM KR series of small rotary drilling rig attracted many foreign customers to negotiate and consult with us.

At the same time, with the gradual popularization of rotary drilling method, the advantage of small rotary drilling rig in foundation construction in the field of civil engineering is more and more obvious, the broad market will gradually open, and lots of large pile work machinery manufacturers have begun research of this aspect. TYSIM as the unique enterprise company in China which is dedicated in the development of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig for civil engineering,has been in the forefront of the domestic counterparts.KR36, the module type of rotary drilling rig exhibiting this time, is currently the smallest of rotary drilling rig currently in the domestic, and has been accepted 8 patents. KR80A and KR125A are the upgrading of products after Bauma China 2012, and have already exported to the multinational market. Having become a small rotating series of drilling rig, our products attracted more peer attention, including Bauer Maschinen of Germany, the most famous international professional foundation engineering manufacturer, and this group also organized its engineers to observe our products, and communicating repeatedly with our research and development personnel.

During the exhibition, TYSIM had a rich harvest, including 3 sets of rotary drilling rig in export orders, 5 sets of pile breaker in export orders, and newly authorizing the agents of Turkey, Thailand, Australia and Iraq.

江苏快3查询结果 Although The Bauma China 2014 has ended, TYSIM will continue to move forward in the attention and support of many customers and colleagues, focus on the development of small pile construction equipment manufacturing, offer more excellent products of piling equipment,base on the market at home and abroad,realize the TYSIM enterprise vision of becoming the leader in small piling equipment, and create "domestic first-class, internationally renowned" by striving.

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